Auto Electronics


The measurement and calibration of electronic control equipment are two standard tasks required in the automotive field. For this purpose, the CAN calibration protocol (CCP) was standardized some time ago by the Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems (ASAM — For the use of this protocol, all-in-one applications have long been available that cover all requirements in the measurement and calibration field, but which are correspondingly expensive. National Instruments ( is offering an inexpensive toolkit with which measurement and calibration tasks can be easily carried out in the LabVIEW graphic programming environment.

The ECU measurement and calibration toolkit from National Instruments is not only able to read in ASAM-MCD-2MC files, but can also select a control device, measure control device variables by means of DAQ lists or polling, read and write calibration values, read and write scaled physical values, access individual CCP commands for fields that are not otherwise covered, and also provides parallel access to several control devices and the CAN input and output data of the control devices.

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