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Lattice launches automotive-grade, AEC-Q100-certified programmable logic products

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation has introduced automotive versions of its MachXO crossover programmable logic devices and ispMACH 4000V CPLD (complex programmable logic devices) devices. The Lattice Automotive (LA) MachXO and LA-ispMACH 4000V product families are said to meet AEC-Q100 certification requirements.

LA-MachXO crossover programmable logic devices support applications traditionally addressed either by high-density CPLDs or low-capacity FPGAs. The family includes 256, 640, 1,200 and 2,280 look-up table (LUT) devices with user I/O counts ranging from 78 to 271, and features such as on-chip memory and PLLs in the larger devices.

The LA-ispMACH 4000V CPLD family includes three devices with densities ranging from 32 to 128 macrocells and user I/Os ranging from 30 to 96. The LA-ispMACH 4000 V CPLDs are an alternative to ASICs in automotive design.

Production quantities of the devices will be available in the current quarter, and Lattice can provide standard production part approval process (PPAP) documentation to automotive customers who require it.

Lattice also is seeking ISO/TS-16949 Quality Systems Certification and intends to join the technical committee of the AEC as an associate member.

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