Auto Electronics

Lattice offers AEC-Q100-certified CPLDs

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation said automotive versions of its ispMACH 4000Z complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs) have been characterized and qualified to meet the certification requirements of the AEC-Q100 standard. The LA-ispMACH 4000Z CPLD family includes three devices with densities of 32, 64 and 128 macrocells. The CPLDs are live at power-up (instant on) and offer a flexible, low-cost alternative to ASICs in automotive design. The LA-ispMACH 4000Z devices join the LA-MachXO crossover programmable logic devices and LA-ispMACH 4000V CPLDs in Lattice’s automotive product portfolio.

Stan Kopec, corporate vice president of marketing said applications for the devices range from video camera systems and occupant safety to telematics and digital radio. With standby current Icc as low as 10 µA, the devices are suited for use in “always-on” automotive systems and can be reprogrammed in the vehicle.

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