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Lithium technology developing 60 MPG HEV battery system

Lithium Technology Corporation said it’s working with an auto manufacturer to develop a high-power battery management system designed to run a four-passenger hybrid electric vehicle capable of 60 mpg, with a range of 60 mpg in electric mode. The firm currently offers a battery system that can power an HEV up to 50 mpg.

"The HEV battery will produce 12 kWh, which is about 100% more than what is on the market today for a comparable size battery," said Klaus Brandt, executive vice president of LTC and managing director of its GAIA Akkumulatorrenwerke subsidiary.

GAIA is also working with ThyssenKrupp to develop a battery for ThyssenKrupp's non-nuclear submarine. That system, which is expected to be the largest lithium ion battery solution in the world, is intended to enable propulsion four times longer than lead-acid systems.

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