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The MathWorks acquires PolySpace Technologies

The MathWorks has acquired PolySpace Technologies, a French software company that provides embedded software tools for the automatic detection of run-time errors at compile time.

PolySpace for hand-written code, PolySpace for model-based design, and PolySpace for UML are currently used in automotive applications among others. “PolySpace tools detect the types of run-time errors that are responsible for 30% to 40% of all software errors,” said The MathWorks chief executive officer, Jack Little.

“This acquisition enables a tighter coupling of the PolySpace automatic verification tools to Simulink, aimed at reducing the verification bottlenecks in embedded system development workflows.” Little added. “We’re also fully committed to error detection in hand-written code, supporting embedded system developers who are not users of theMATLAB and Simulink products.”

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