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The MathWorks and Vector Informatik integrate tools for AUTOSAR applications

The MathWorks and Vector Informatik are collaborating to enable the interoperability of their tools for AUTOSAR applications. The collaboration ensures the compatibility of development tools from both companies so that automotive software architects and algorithm developers can work together to design and automatically generate AUTOSAR-compliant embedded software faster and with less rework.

The tool integration supports both the development of new components and the reuse of existing components. Customers can define the component architecture in Vector’s AUTOSAR design tool, DaVinci Developer, and then export the component description into The MathWorks’ Simulink, where the component behavior is designed.

Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder from The MathWorks is used to automatically generate AUTOSAR-compliant component code and an updated component description that can be read back into DaVinci Developer. The new R2009a versions of Simulink and Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder support this workflow for AUTOSAR 3.0. Customers can then use DaVinci Developer to configure Vector’s AUTOSAR compliant runtime environment, MICROSAR RTE, to integrate the component code with the AUTOSAR basic software.

“This collaboration is guided by input from automotive OEMs and suppliers that are using MathWorks and Vector products in their AUTOSAR development toolchains,” said MathWorks Fellow Jim Tung. He added that the firms are working to identify additional opportunities to integrate their respective tools to help customers design, verify, and implement AUTOSAR applications.

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