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The MathWorks launches Simulink Design Optimization

The MathWorks has announced the availability of Simulink Design Optimization, which gives modeling and control engineers the ability to optimize Simulink model parameters automatically.

Paul Barnard, marketing director for design automation at The MathWorks, said modeling engineers can use Simulink Design Optimization to calibrate models with test data directly, bypassing time-consuming trial and error methods. Control engineers can use optimization algorithms for automatic controller parameter adjustment to meet system performance requirements.

“We are continually looking for ways to ease the design process for users,” Barnard said. “With Simulink Design Optimization, we are simplifying complex parameter optimization, enabling engineers to quickly create more accurate models and better control systems.”

Simulink Design Optimization is available now, priced from $1,000.

The MathWorks is also marketing an IEC certification kit for IEC 61508, a safety standard for electronic systems that is commonly applied to the development of embedded software for the automotive and industrial automation industries.

The kit contains TÜV SÜD certificates and certification reports, along with additional materials tailored to the MathWorks products and versions being employed. It supports Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder and PolySpace code verification products, which include the MISRA-C 2004 code analyzer.

“Our customers expressed a need for additional guidance when using Model-Based Design or PolySpace code verification to create high-integrity systems that comply with tightly defined industry guidelines and standards,” said Jon Friedman, Aerospace & Defense and Automotive Industry marketing manager, The MathWorks. “The Certification kit will help engineers streamline their current and future high-integrity systems development using MathWorks tools.”

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