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Maxim deserializers save space and cost in 800 x 480 displays

Maxim Integrated Products has added three new devices to its high-speed, LVDS SerDes family. The MAX9242/MAX9244/ MAX9246 are hot-swappable, 21-bit, dc-balanced LVDS deserializers with programmable spread spectrum. They deserialize three LVDS serial inputs into 21 single-ended LVTTL/LVCMOS outputs, and communicate over a three-wire twisted pair or differential line. By reducing the number of wires or traces needed in system interconnects they simplify designs and save space and cost. Target applications include driving 800 x 480 resolution displays in automotive navigation and entertainment systems.

When operating at 40 MHz clock speed, the deserializers’ maximum aggregate payload data rate is 840 Mb/s. Output clock and data are both spread over a specified ±2% or ±4% range to reduce EMI. DC-balancing reduces bit errors from a change in the common mode caused by ground shift, thus allowing AC-coupling of outputs and isolation between serializer and deserializer.

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