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Maxwell offers 14-day turnaround for custom ultracapacitor configurations

Maxwell Technologies is offering a 14-day turnaround on custom-configured BOOSTCAP multicell energy storage and power delivery solutions for systems requiring up to 540 V.

Michael Everett, Maxwell's vice president and chief technology officer, said that custom Quick-Turn modules based on the BCAP 2600 2,600-farad energy and power cells are immediately available, and that additional options based on the entire MC family of products, ranging from 650 to 3,000 farads will be phased in, beginning in the third quarter. Quick-Turn module pricing will be quoted on a fixed fee basis for quantities of one to five units.

BOOSTCAP ultracapacitors are said to deliver up to 10 times the power and longevity of batteries, require no maintenance and operate reliably in extreme temperatures. In transportation applications, they recapture energy from braking for reuse in hybrid drive trains, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. They also provide compact, lightweight, "life-of-the vehicle" solutions to stabilize automotive power networks and power new, all-electric subsystems, such as drive-by-wire steering.
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