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MCUs With Up To 1 Mbyte Of Embedded Flash Target Auto Applications

NEC Electronic’s new line of microcontrollers (MCUs)is based on the company’s 0.15-µm process technology and has up to 1 Mbyte of embedded flash memory. The 8-bit Fx2 series and 32-bit Fx3 series are optimized for automotive body and safety-control applications.

The new line features pin counts ranging from 44 to 176 and flash memory configurations ranging from 32 kbytes to 1 Mbyte. There are 29 MCUs: 13 based on the 8-bit 78K0 CPU core and 16 based on the 32-bit V850ES CPU core. All devices support the controller area network (CAN) and local interconnect network (LIN) protocols. The products in both the 78K0/Fx2 and V850ES/Fx3 series are pin-compatible with NEC Electronics’ previous-generation 78K0/Fx1+ and V850ES/Fx2 MCUs.

Samples of 78K0/Fx2 series MCUs are available now with volume production scheduled for October 2006. Samples of V850ES/Fx3 series MCUs are scheduled to be available in the coming months with volume production scheduled for December 2006. Contact the company for pricing.

NEC Electronics America

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