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Mechatronic test bench from dSPACE and MTS helps reduce development time

Electronic control unit testing specialist dSPACE and MTS Systems Corp. have developed a Mechatronic development and validation (MDV) vehicle test bench that can help reduce development time for electrical and electromechanical systems, including chassis and powertrain, while improving vehicle performance and safety characteristics.

Herbert Hanselmann, dSPACE president and chief executive officer, said the bench uses a real-time vehicle dynamics simulation model with active suspension. The bench can create realistic, repeatable maneuvers to analyze a vehicle's dynamic behavior under varying environmental and road conditions.

He said that with the bench, automotive design engineers can rely less on the proving ground and more on the test lab. Engineers can support a greater volume and variety of test scenarios. Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers can gain greater insight into potential issues early in the product development and validation process.

"Using mathematical models in the loop with real components make mechanical testing more realistic without adding much cost," Hanselmann said. "The mathematical models, which make the tested component operate under realistic conditions, can be modified easily, so a lot more can be tested in less time."

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