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Melexis develops a 150 Mbps fiber-optic MOST transceiver

Melexis has developed the MLX75605, a single package solution for a 150 Mbps fiber-optic transceiver dedicated to the MOST150 physical layer, the specification for which (MOST Specification 3.0) was published last month by the MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) Cooperation.

Packaged in a 24-pin SOIC with lead-free SMD processes, the MLX75605 includes integrated ferrule receptacles for both receiver and transmitter pigtails with high optical coupling efficiency. Light output is eye safe, according to Piet De Pauw, manager of Melexis’ Business Unit Optical Data Communication.

De Pauw said Melexis is among the first to offer a 150 Mbps MOST transceiver, and he added, “by offering this fiber-optic transceiver in a real SMD package we are offering a solution which reduces significantly the cost of ownership for our customers.”

The MLX75605 embeds a 650 nm light source, a 150 Mbps driver IC, and a 150 Mbps monolithic receiver IC. The LED driver IC includes on-chip calibration circuitry, which allows trimming the transmitter light output within a narrow range over the -40C to +95C temperature range, as required for automotive infotainment networks.

The 150 Mbps receiver part consists of a PIN photo diode, transimpedance amplifier (TIA) and end amplifiers integrated into a single die. De Pauw said the monolithic receiver IC enables best-in-class immunity against electromagnetic disturbances.

The monolithic Receiver IC (MLX75603) and the LED driver IC (MLX75604) are also available in die form. The MLX75605 is priced at $5.69 in 100k quantities.

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