Auto Electronics

Mentor Graphics adds EDA for automotive mechatronics

Mentor Graphics has introduced SystemVision, a modeling and simulation tool for automotive mechatronics subsystems that is integrated with Mentor's electrical systems design solution, Capital Harness Systems (CHS), and complements CHS's electrical analysis tool, Capital Analysis.

Based on VHDL-AMS, a vendor-independent, mixed-signal modeling language, SystemVision enables designers to model systems and components with a virtual prototype and use simulation to perform critical analyses of electrical, mechanical, thermal and hydraulic subsystems.

CEO and chairman Walden C. Rhines said that with SystemVision and the acquisition earlier this year of Volcano Communications Technologies, Mentor offers tools for design and analysis of automotive electrical distribution systems and associated harnesses, embedded systems and software, and in-vehicle networks. “These offerings are the foundation for a tool suite aimed at addressing the complete automotive E/E design process,” Rhines said.

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