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Mercedes opts for Tenneco electronic suspension

Tenneco Inc. said its continuously controlled electronic suspension (CES) system is the basis for the agility control system featured on the Mercedes-Benz C class launched in Stuttgart earlier this year.

The suspension system continuously adjusts damping levels according to road conditions and vehicle dynamics/driver actions, for enhanced ride comfort and improved stability. Its electronic control unit processes driver inputs and data from sensors in key locations on the vehicle. The sensors include three accelerometers mounted on the vehicle body and four suspension position sensors that provide data on steering wheel angle, vehicle speed, brake pressure and other chassis control factors.

Control software in the ECU processes sensor information in real time and sends signals that adjust the damping level of each shock absorber valve independently. Electronic dampers allow a large range between maximum and minimum damping levels and adjust instantly to ensure ride comfort and firm vehicle control.

The CES system enables Tenneco to tune vehicles to adapt to different driving factors such as braking, accelerating, steering and vehicle load, thus increasing the potential range of ride comfort and handling capability.
Electronic shock absorbers for the system are manufactured at Tenneco's facility in Ermua, Spain.

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