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Micrel dual 2 A LDO features ramp control, integrated tracking/sequencing

Micrel Inc. has introduced the MIC68220, a dual 2 A LDO regulator for powering FPGA and microcontroller applications including car infotainment systems.

Ralf Muenster, director of marketing for power products, noted that FPGAs, microprocessors and ASICs commonly require a well-controlled power-up/down sequence for core and I/O voltages to operate properly and prevent damage to a device. He said the MIC68220 addresses those needs and can be integrated seamlessly into Power One's Z-One Digital Power Architecture.

The MIC68220 offers a low (1.65 V) minimum single input voltage and a 400 mV dropout to minimize power dissipation. It features ramp control to support a variety of power-up/power-down protocols such as sequencing, tracking, adjustable turn-on/off delay and adjustable output voltage slew rate, all with a minimum number of external components, according to Muenster.

The device offers independently adjustable outputs between 0.8 V and 5 V in a 4 mm x 5 mm MLF-20 package to support core and I/O voltage supplies, and it is said to be accurate to within 2% over temperature.

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