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Microbridge configures four eTC rejustors in a bridge

Microbridge Technologies has introduced the MBW-303 Wheatstone bridge offset conditioning network, which consists of four electronic temperature compensation (eTC) dividers, also known as rejustors (re-adjustable resistors), configured in a bridge.

Designed for use in automotive and other applications, the single-chip device compensates for offset errors and offset drift in a Wheatstone bridge. It allows sensor offset calibration and temperature compensation after final assembly, thus it avoids errors associated with assembly processes.

"Many of our rejustors are being used for sensor calibration and compensation applications," explained Nick Tasker, Microbridge vice president, business development dge. "This device represents the next step in device integration for these applications. There is a need for higher and higher precision and integration. If precision cannot be maintained over the entire operating temperature range of the sensor, it really isn't precise.” The MBW-303 can operate in temperatures ranging from -40º to +150 ºC and it maintains offset precision over the full operating temperature range.

The MBW-303 enables adjustment and verification to be performed in a single temperature cycle. It has a small footprint for high-density applications, doesn't require power or memory to hold calibration, and doesn't require an external temperature sensor. It enables precision electrical in-circuit adjustment for ohmic and temperature correcting offset errors. The adjustment process is isolated from the circuit, allowing true, passive in-circuit calibration and compensation, according to the company.

Available in a QFN-16 package, the MBW-303 bridge is currently sampling and priced at $2.67 in quantities of 1,000.

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