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Micron extends memory line to +105°C

Micron Technology is extending its line of automotive memory products to include devices that operate within a temperature range of -40° to +105°C. The new products complement Micron’s existing line of automotive memory and storage products with a temperature range of -40° to +85°C.

Micron’s new automotive temperature memory products include PSRAM, SDR, DDR2, and Mobile DRAM components and come in an array of organizations, densities, and packages. Micron’s x32 Mobile DRAM configuration is said to enable a low-cost option by using fewer components for wide-bus architectures. Additional information is available at

The growing variety of entertainment, convenience, and safety options require automotive manufacturers to design more technology into less space, and the additional devices and clusters of technology generate additional heat. The extended temperature range of Micron’s new automotive temperature memory products are said to offer the performance and reliability needed to operate under such conditions.

“The keys to success in automotive electronic design are ensuring product longevity and reliability,” said Richard Chaney, Micron’s senior manager of automotive marketing.

Gartner ranked Micron as the number one supplier in automotive DRAM market share (SemiconductorIndustry Worldwide Annual Market Share: Database,March 2008). Micron captured a 34% share in automotive DRAM for 2007 and was also the top ranked vendor a year ago.
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