Auto Electronics

Microsoft and Siemens agree on infotainment

Microsoft and Siemens VDO Automotive AG have agreed to jointly develop in-vehicle communication, information, entertainment and navigation products with an eye toward shortening development cycles for those products. The first Siemens VDO product based on Microsoft software technology is expected to go into production as early as 2009.

Target products and systems include navigation, high-end multimedia units and interfaces to connect portable electronic entertainment devices using the Microsoft software technology platform.

By using the Microsoft Auto platform, a general-purpose in-car software technology, Siemens VDO will be able to focus on system design, vehicle integration, driver assistance systems and safety systems. Siemens will also be able to help shape Microsoft Auto and license platform-compliant applications, such as navigation functions, for third-party suppliers. Microsoft will hone Microsoft Auto with a special focus on multimedia applications and the integration of portable consumer devices.

Siemens VDO is developing a multimedia platform based on Microsoft Auto. As early as 2009, the platform will make it possible to adapt new consumer electronics products into vehicles faster and more easily, simply by adding software components.
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