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MindTree launches automotive Bluetooth SDK

MindTree Ltd. has introduced an EtherMind Bluetooth Software Development Kit (SDK) targeting infotainment and Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) for the automotive market.

OEMs and tier-one suppliers have to keep pace with the latest specifications while also assuring interoperability with the hundreds of phone models in the field, according to Vinod P. Deshmukh, MindTree president and Co-CEO, R&D Services. The MindTree Bluetooth SDK is designed to help those challenges.

Backed by the EtherMind Bluetooth stack and a range of profiles, MindTree’s SDK purports to manage the complexities of establishing and maintaining connections with multiple devices inside a car through a multi-profile co-existence Bluetooth manager.

Applications can exercise the SDK through high-level Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and the SDK also provides hooks for the applications to control and customize to customer needs. Plug-in interfaces between the SDK and application components such as media players and HMI elements such as voice recognition or text to speech are also available.
The SDK is available for operating systems such as QNX, Windows CE, ITRON, Linux and other Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS).

evelopers can realize standard and complex use cases such as phone book and call history download, hands-free call handling, and music streaming, with seamless switching between voice and music, through a qualified profiles suite including PBAP, OPP, FTP, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, and SAP.

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