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Miniature Crystals for Tpms Applications


Dempa Kogyo Co. Ltd. (NDK) offers two crystal resonator options to provide frequency control for transmitters or receivers in tire pressure monitor systems (TPMS) applications. The NX5032SD measures 5.0 mm by 3.2 mm and is 1.0 mm high, while the NX8045GB measures 8.0 mm by 4.5 mm and is 1.8 mm high. They are hermetically sealed in ceramic SMD packages exceeding the tough shock, vibration, drop, and acceleration requirements for TPMS applications. These crystals deliver excellent stabilized startup characteristics over the extreme operating temperature range of -40 °C to +125 °C. The NX5032SD, which is designed to reduce EMI, is available in the approximate frequency range of 9.84 MHz to 40 MHz. The NX8045GB in available in the approximate range of 5 MHz to 40 MHz. Both units have a frequency stability of ±50 ppm at 25 °C.

Both of these crystals are RoHS compliant and are designed to withstand the requirements of re-flow soldering using lead-free solder. NDK is also TS 16949 certified.

The NX5032SD series and NX8045GB series are respectively priced at 55 cents each and 43 cents each for 10,000 pieces.
NDK · (800) NDKXTAL ·

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