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Mlcc Capacitors Guarantee High Reliability

KEMET "L" series capacitors are well suited for high reliability applications, including those for military, aerospace, and high reliability telecommunications. They are available in commercial surface-mount EIA sizes from 0402 to 2225. The L series dielectric availability includes X5R, X7Rand C0G dielectrics which are the most widely used in the industry. Voltage ratings are available from 6.3 V up to 200 V. Examples of high reliability in the L series include a dielectric strength of 2.5 times the voltage rating for a given component, and 500 MΩ-µF or 50GΩ (whichever is less) of internal resistance at 25 °C for the component's voltage rating.

Capacitance ranges include all commercially available ceramic surface-mount MLCC capacitors from low capacitance 0.5 pF up to high capacitance 47 µF depending on case size, dielectric, and voltage rating selection. The capacitors contain tin/lead terminations with a minimum lead content of 5%. Pricing information is available from KEMET.
KEMET Corp. • (864) 963-6300)

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