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Murata offers tight-tolerance ceramic resonators for automotive applications

Murata Electronics North America ( has redesigned its C series ceramic resonators for use in Controller Area Network (CAN) or other automotive bus applications that require tight tolerance.

The new resistors are smaller and less expensive than quartz crystal resistors, according to product manager Tom Cho. The 4-7.99MHz CSTCR-G-C measures 4.5x2.0x1.2mm, the 8-13.99MHz CSTCE-G-C measures 3.2x 1.3x0.8mm, and the 14-20MHz CSTCE-V-C measures 3.2x1.3x1.0mm.

The C series also includes improvements in temperature characteristics and initial tolerance capabilities. The resonators offer an initial tolerance of ±0.1%, temperature tolerance (-40C to +125C) of ±0.13%, and aging tolerance of ±0.07%. The aging tolerance is based on 1000 hours at 85C that simulates 10 years of aging. The aging tolerance includes the frequency shift caused by two times lead free reflow soldering to meet the total tolerance required by the customer. The total tolerance (initial + temperature + aging) available is ±0.3% or ±3000ppm.

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