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National power amp input stages reduce design time

National Semiconductor Corporation has added two 200 V mono audio power amplifier input stages to its high-fidelity LME audio amplifier family. Targeting automotive aftermarket products, among others, the single-chip LME49811 and LME49830 are said to deliver low-distortion performance and reduce design time.

Both devices offer scalable output power based on supply voltage and output device count. Designers can use the same base circuit design to create multiple power-level solutions up to 1 kW amplifiers by scaling the output stage devices to accommodate for more power dissipation and current drive. When implemented in a complete power amplifier design, the LME49811's total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N) is 0.00035% and the LME49830's THD+N is 0.0006%.

The LME49811 and LME49830 are said to save board space and design time by replacing more than 25 discrete components, many of which must be hand selected and matched by the audio system designer.

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