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National Semiconductor op-amps based on new BiCMOS process

National Semiconductor Corporation has introduced six operational amplifiers built on a proprietary new BiCMOS process technology, VIP50. The devices are said to offer significant improvements in accuracy, power consumption and voltage noise for automotive and other applications.

The op-amps include four low-power, low-voltage devices, the LMV651, LMV791, LPV511 and LPV7215. The 12 MHz, unity-gain bandwidth LMV651 provides 90% power savings over competing devices, the company said. Other products feature sub-1 µA performance and functional operation up to 12 V, as well as nano-amp comparators with 6.6 µs propagation delay.

National also introduced the LMP7701 and LMP7711, the first products in a series of next-generation op-amps that offer higher performance, sub-300 uV of input offset with guaranteed input bias of less than 200 fA, and up to 12 V operation.

VIP50 is a silicon-on-insulator BiCMOS process with trimmable, highly-accurate thin-film resistors created exclusively for the development of advanced analog operational amplifiers and comparators.

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