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NEC Electronics Europe launches V850E-based gateway controller

NEC Electronics Europe has introduced the V850E/CAG4-M, a 32-bit, 80 MHz RISC microcontroller with up to six CAN and LIN interfaces in addition to FlexRay and MediaLB interfaces for high-end gateway and other automotive body applications.

A multi-LIN master macro connects all six LIN channels efficiently, with minimum CPU interaction, according to the company. The device’s embedded MediaLB interface provides connectivity to the MOST world, offering high data throughput especially for asynchronous data transfer. The device’s timer structure includes various input capture and pulse width modulation (PWM) output channels. Other features include a floating point unit, dedicated motor control, real-time clock, and power-saving modes.

V850E/CAG4-M samples are scheduled for January 2008 and volume production for early 2009.

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