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NEC intelligent power device designed for onboard ECUs

NEC Electronics America has introduced an intelligent power device (µPD166007) as well as two 32-bit V850E microcontroller (Dx3 and Sx3) families, with all three products designed for automotive applications.

The µPD166007 intelligent power device is intended for use in onboard electronic control units for applications such as headlights, antilock braking systems and air conditioners. It replaces the mechanical switches and relays otherwise needed in those applications, freeing cabin space and reducing engine load. The uPD166007 IPD uses a stacked construction in a multichip package (MCP) and features vertical-type, field-effect transistors (FETs) with a UMOS trench cell structure for low resistance, low heat generation, and 10 mÙ on-resistance.

NEC’s 32-bit V850E/Dx3 MCUs target automotive dashboard and driver information applications while its 32-bit V850ES/Sx3 MCUs, with large-capacity flash memory, are suited for automotive audio control applications.

V850E/Dx3 microcontrollers, available with either a 24 MHz or a 48 MHz RISC CPU core, integrate stepper motor drivers, LCD controllers/drivers, parallel LCD bus interfaces and sound generators on-chip. Additional integrated peripherals include up to 16 A/D channels, two controller area network (CAN) interfaces, an I2C bus and 17 16-bit timers. Memory options range from 128 KB to 2 MB of flash and up to 32 KB of RAM.

V850ES/Sx3 MCUs are available in two subseries, the 144-pin V850ES/SJ3 and 100-pin V850ES/SG3, with flash memory capacities from 256 KB to 1 MB. Both support CAN, and both are said to offer strong EMI resistance.

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