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With the Airbag 10, automotive supplier Bosch ( presents its latest control device for restraint systems such as airbags and seatbelt tensioners. Airbag 10 should be ready for delivery from 2007 on, according to Bosch. Bosch started series production of the world's first airbag control unit 25 years ago. It consisted of three parts with a total of around 170 components and only controlled a single airbag for the driver. The new control device is around 70% smaller, consists of a single part and has 85 components in the basic version. Up to 24 restraint devices for the protection of all the passengers in the vehicle can be connected, with the highly integrated electronics processing the data faster and thereby allowing the integration of more functions. For example, pedestrian protection electronics can be easily integrated, as can rollover and interior sensing. The new restraint systems control unit Airbag 10 is suitable for use in all vehicle categories, from small car to the luxury limousine.

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