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New-Generation Heads-Up Display is Adjustable

SIEMENS VDO AUTOMOTIVE has developed a next-generation heads-up display (HUD) that can also be installed in smaller vehicles. In fact, a new feature in the HUD permits the driver to adjust the virtual display to his or her sitting position, thus allowing each individual driver to see the display from the most comfortable angle for his or her height According to the developer, this is made possible by means of a new type of attachment for the mirrors installed in the HUD, so that one mirror can be tilted and the height of the virtual display adjusted. Since the new HUD can be developed with various optical designs in line with the specific requirements of the automobile manufacturer, it can offer a modular system solution for all vehicle categories. For example, the number of mirrors, the color scheme of the display or the illumination units can be freely selected. This makes it possible to adapt the overall installed size and the system to the respective vehicle model. In smaller vehicles, for instance, a version with only two mirrors and one lens is possible. The optical components transport the driving information from the thin-film transistor (TFT) display to the windshield, where they are magnified. In particular, the lens, a new optical component, ensures that the virtual image achieves the required size, picture sharpness and freedom from distortion with a smaller number of magnifying mirrors. The system volume is, therefore, reduced. In spite of the reduced volume the driver sees a high-quality image with a horizontal format of approximately 9 cm.

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