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NI CompactRIO adds low-speed CAN connectivity

National Instruments is offering a low-speed CAN communication module, NI 9852, to complement the high-speed CAN connectivity already available on its CompactRIO platform for in-vehicle measurement and control applications.

The module provides two ports for CAN communication with devices at transfer rates up to 125 kb/s. With an NI 9852 installed in a CompactRIO chassis, engineers can achieve hardware synchronization with high-speed CAN, analog, and digital measurements with up to 25 ns resolution. With support for 11-bit and 29-bit arbitration IDs, NI 9852 modules can also communicate with J1939 networks.

The module offers software-selectable termination, which eliminates the need to add/remove resistors to/from cabling for CAN network compatibility. If a CAN network already has termination on it, engineers can simply set the NI 9852 termination to off, or vice versa, making it much easier to establish communication with CAN devices and networks. The module can be used with NI’s R series expansion chassis or with other NI R series devices to extend LabVIEW FPGA technology to desktop computers or PXI chassis.

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