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Nissan concept car features x-by-wire

Nissan said its Murano-based EA2 concept car features x-by-wire technology for steering, braking and transmission control.

Replacing conventional mechanical linkages with by-wire technology allowed Nissan engineers to repackage steering and braking systems to create more internal space without changing the vehicle's overall length, thus the EA2 has a third row of seating and capacity for seven passengers. By-wire also allowed the adoption of a smaller, racing-style steering wheel that requires less steering input and can be moved to facilitate easier ingress and egress.

Nissan said the brake-by-wire system reduces pedal travel through the use of an electrical system instead of boosters, links and hydraulic cylinders, freeing up more interior space. The vehicle has an interior length of 2,600mm - 110mm more than a conventional model.

The shift-by-wire system allows for the installation of a movable center console, making it easier to move between the driver and front passenger seats, and by-wire also helps to reduce vehicle weight, resulting in gains in performance, economy and emissions.

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