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NXP devices support car radio standards worldwide

NXP says it can support high-quality analog and digital terrestrial radio anywhere in the world with its Nexperia PNX9525 and SAF355x.

The Nexperia PNX9525 is a software-programmable DRM and DAB platform that allows seamless switching between the two standards. The SAF355x incorporates HD Radio technology from iBiquity Digital Corporation. NXP's solution combines the PNX9525 and the SAF355x, which can then be integrated with existing DSP-based AM/FM platforms to deliver a multistandard digital terrestrial radio experience.

NXP regional automotive marketing director Dirk Reimer says the NXP solution reduces integration challenges and time-to-market for car manufacturers by offering a single system solution that can be programmed for DRM and DAB for Europe, and HD Radio in the United States.

“DAB penetration is high in the U.K., but both European standards are evolving,” Reimer noted. “We’re offering a system solution able to deliver a software-defined DAB and DRM solution with the ability to switch seamlessly between the two. Passengers will be able to listen to two different stereo channels simultaneously.”

“We are enthusiastic about working with NXP as we grow the demand for HD Radio technology in the automotive market,” said iBiquity chief operating officer Jeff Jury. “NXP is enabling car manufacturers to incorporate HD Radio reception capability alongside other broadcast standards to give consumers the ultimate in-car radio experience in a hassle-free, easy-to-integrate solution across global variants of their car models.”

According to market analyst firm iSuppli, demand for AM/FM and digital terrestrial radios for in-car use will increase from 101.4 million units in 2007 to 141.9 million units by 2013.

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