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NXP PNX1702 scores high on EEMBC tests

The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium said NXP’s PNX1702 media processor achieved exceptionally high scores for a 499.5 MHz device, with out-of-the-box scores of 89.9 Consumermarks and 94.4 DENmarks. With full optimizations making use of the PNX1702's SIMD operations, the device achieved a score of 386 Consumermarks, the highest ever achieved for this EEMBC suite and besting a previous PNX1702 score of 342.9 Consumermarks obtained with a previous-generation compiler.

EEMBC president Markus Levy said the scores reflect an approximate fourfold improvement in optimized AutoBench and ConsumerBench scores over the out-of-the-box tests and a 17X improvement for TeleBench. "The scores demonstrate the positive impact of an improved compiler on device performance,” he said. “They also show the value of applying architecture-specific optimizations to demonstrate capabilities that system designers can achieve in real-world applications.

The PNX1702 is a system-on-chip device intended to perform video, audio, graphics, and general-purpose control processing. It contains a 32-bit VLIW processor, the TriMedia TM5250, capable of multistandard digital video decoding/encoding and image improvement, audio signal processing, and general-purpose control processing. It can either be used in stand-alone implementations or as an accelerator to a general-purpose processor.

The PNX1702 processes input signals by using several audio/video and co-processor modules before sending them to external peripherals. The modules provide additional video- and data-processing bandwidth without using CPU cycles.

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