Auto Electronics

Omron sealed snap-action switches suit automotive applications

Omron Electronic Components LLC has released a family of IP67-rated, sealed snap-action switches for automotive applications including audio, interior lamp, accelerator or break pedal position, door latch, seat position, power mirror, trunk latch, sunroof and shift levers.

Switches in the D2VW, D2SW, D2HW, D2JW, D2FW-G and Z-55 series are used primarily to detect range of motion (limit detect) or the position of an object. All are 100% inspected for leaks using a vacuum pump air-leak test. They can handle micro loads up to 15 A; are available in SPDT and SPST-NC/SPST-NO configurations, and are or will be RoHS-compliant. Sizes range from 24.2 H x 17.45 D x 49.2 W mm (Z-55) to 7 H x 5.3 D x 13.3/18.5 H mm. Terminal options include PCB, solder, quick connect, screw and wire leads. Lever options that complement the standard pin plunger actuator include hinge roller, simulated roller, leaf and simulated leaf.

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