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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors offers thin-film IR LED for automotive applications

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Inc. has added an 850 nm, thin-film infrared (IR) light-emitting diode (LED) emitter to its Golden DRAGON family of surface-mount devices. Optimized for charge-coupled device (CCD) and complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) camera applications, the new device is suited for automotive night-vision systems and security system illumination, according to Ellen Sizemore, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ North American director, LED and IR Products Group.

Sizemore says OSRAM's thin-film technology emits light from the top surface of the die and features a built-in reflector to offer especially bright output for applications requiring high intensity, compact design, and low power and cost. She adds that thin-film architecture scalable, enabling chip size to be increased without compromising efficacy.

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