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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' OSTAR LED offers more than 120 lumens output and measures 30 × 10 millimeters. Setting new size and brightness records, the OSTAR LED provides extreme degrees of design flexibility, making the product ideal for general and mobile illumination applications.

Each OSTAR LED contains four high-power, thin-film indium gallium aluminum phosphide (InGaAlP) or indium gallium nitrite (InGaN) chips. Because OSRAM's thin-film chip emits light only from its top surface, the resultant high chip luminance can increase the optical system efficiency and reduce the size of optics for lighting applications. The OSTAR LED can be mounted to lighting fixtures without any soldering, and it offers a surface-mount technology (SMT) electrical connector. The LED can be mounted to a heat sink with a thermal paste for optimum heat dissipation.

The OSTAR LED's high brightness, uniform light and low-profile package make it ideal for use in specialty illumination applications. These applications include colored and red-green-blue (RGB) white architectural lighting, fiber-optics illumination, portable RGB light sources, medical lighting, aircraft illumination and automotive exterior lighting applications. The OSTAR LED is also ideal for portable projection units that may be no larger than a deck of cards.

The OSTAR is available for sampling, and production delivery is scheduled to begin in July.
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