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“Paving” a New Way to Autonomous-Vehicle Validation

The PAVE360 is an all-encompassing validation and simulation system designed for autonomous-vehicle hardware and software development.

Siemens has announced its PAVE360 platform. The integrated validation and simulation environment, which extends digital-twin and hardware-in-loop (HIL) support, provides developers with a hybrid set of tools to address the complexity of systems needed to support autonomous driving systems. The primary focus of the system is to also support consolidated ADAS and AD, IVI, and V2X technologies.

PAVE360 offers support for different tools that are required throughout the different phases of development. For example, during the architecture exploration phase, virtual prototyping tools may be used. Meanwhile, when validating software, a set of hybrid emulation tools are best. When performing FuSa fault campaigns, more emphasis is placed on the emulation and Safe IC tools.

Throughout the development cycle, however, the core of PAVE360 forms the backbone of verification and validation tasks. The fundamental components of PAVE360 are bundled, although add-on tools from both Siemens/Mentor and third parties can be integrated.


PAVE360 is a turnkey system designed to support validation and testing of digital twins in the automotive space, where autonomous vehicles will require extensive development and testing.

Siemens provides a set of sample electronic control units (ECUs) similar to those used by the company when creating demonstration systems. Customers can use these as a base. They can replace the ECU or ECU component with their own products, allowing PAVE360 to show correct functionality without having to wait for models of other ECUs to be developed. Siemens provides services and workshops to help customers get up and running quickly.

Some of the tools in PAVE360 for digital-twin support include Simcenter Prescan, which provides a rich set of sensors models as well as the ability to incorporate custom models. Veloce and its apps support high-speed simulation.

Simcenter Amesim is designed to handle vehicle dynamics. Systems using platforms like MATLAB, SystemC, and C++ that adhere to the FMI/FMU, TLM 2.0, or Simulink protocols can be used with the simulation and validation support. The Simcenter Amesim tool offers an automotive library for all of the physics models one would need to accurately model actuators and complex systems such as transmissions and engines. PLM and requirements management functionality are supported by Siemens TeamCenter and Siemens Polarion software.

PAVE360 is intended to be a turnkey solution—developers provide models that will be simulated and tested by the system.

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