Auto Electronics

Philips taps SRS surround decoding for automotive radio chips

SRS Labs said Philips Electronics has selected SRS Circle Surround Automotive surround decoding technology for use in its SAF7730 series of automotive radio chips.

Circle Surround Automotive is a multichannel decoding solution that includes customizable enhancement techniques to accommodate various vehicle designs. SRS FOCUS technology, for example, is adjustable to provide optimum sound image placement; compensating for speakers placed low in the car door or under the dashboard. SRS' patented TruBass technology produces the perception of improved low-frequency performance -- up to an octave below the fundamental frequency of the speaker drivers. Manufacturers can adjust the amount of TruBass processing in the front channels, rear channels and subwoofer depending on the speaker size, and may eliminate the need for a subwoofer or larger size speakers.

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