Auto Electronics

Platform for the development of control algorithms

WITH ITS PROTOTYPE control device PROtroniC, AFT Atlas Fahrzeugetechnik GmbH ( offers an open platform for the model-based development of control algorithms in the vehicle or on the test bed.

The system software consists of an OSEK/VDX-conform operating system and an open user interface consisting of various protocols, for example CCP and XCP, as well as drivers. The actual function software can be developed either manually or graphically with the help of corresponding development tools. Basic functions for standard engine concepts are already included, but can be changed at any time by the user. The platform supports engines with up to six cylinders, while engines with a greater number of cylinders can be controlled by coupling together several devices.

PROtroniC has already passed its first practical test. DaimlerChrysler Engine Research succeeded in putting into operation a new engine with reliable stationary operation within a few days.

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