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The Swiss battery producer IQ Power ( is setting up a modern battery factory in South Korea where three million “smart batteries” per year are to be produced. The smart batteries are based on IQ technology, which retains power for a longer period through the use of electronics in conjunction with other sophisticated functions. For example, small plastic angles inside the housing of the battery prevent the acid-water mixture from separating due to the heavy stresses from many consumer loads in the car. Plus, IQ is addressing the problem of large temperature fluctuations, which are also a serious problem for standard batteries, with a mixture of heating and thermal insulation. The actual battery is surrounded by foamed polypropylene, between which there is a heating foil. This is intended to increase the temperature of the electrolyte in order to improve the charging capacity at low ambient temperatures. Control of the surface heating is provided by an electronic component, which is also integrated in the battery. Any traditional battery can be replaced by one with IQ technology, according to the supplier.

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