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PXI Digital I/O Module Features Dual Threshold-Voltage Inputs

The 40-413 is a 32-channel digital I/O module with high-current outputs and dual threshold-voltage inputs. Typical applications include military, aerospace and automotive test systems. Three different modules are available. All models have 32 digital input channels that can be compared to two user-programmable threshold voltages. Each input can withstand voltages to greater than 100 V. The two variable threshold voltages can be set from 0.3 V to 50 V with 12.5-mV resolution. The 40-413-001 provides 32 high-side output drivers each capable of sourcing up to 2 A from an external power supply. The 40-413-002 provides 32 low-side drivers each capable of sinking up to 2 A to ground. The 40-413-003 includes both high- and low-side drivers, allowing designers the flexibility of supporting systems with mixed configurations. Each output is capable of working with 40-V power loads and is fully protected against over-voltage spikes from inductive loads, and short circuits from defective loads. Each output includes thermal protection to automatically shut the driver down when connected to a faulty load. Pricing is POA, and estimated delivery is 15 days. PICKERING INTERFACES, Clacton on Sea, U.K. (781) 897-1710.


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