Auto Electronics

QNX expands hardware platform support

QNX Software is offering board support packages (BSPs) for automotive reference boards and development platforms, including the Texas Instruments Jacinto, Renesas Technology SH7723-EVM and SH7786-EVM, and Freescale MPC5121E, i.MX25 ADS, i.MX31 ADS, and i.MX35 ADS.

Developers can download the QNX BSPs from Foundry27, the QNX community web portal. A list of current BSPs is available.

QNX automotive BSPs are developed on the Foundry27 web portal, so developers can gain immediate access to the latest BSP code updates and enhancements. At the Foundry 27 BSP Project Wiki home page developers can join forums and talk directly with BSP developers from QNX Software Systems. QNX support for automotive BSPs is an element of QNX CAR, a program designed to help automotive suppliers accelerate product prototyping and reduce engineering costs.

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