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QNX multimedia middleware includes embeddable media player

Real-time operating system vendor QNX Software Systems has introduced its first middleware product, the QNX multimedia solution, combining an embeddable media player with supporting multimedia software.

CEO Dan Dodge said QNX “is moving up the stack,” with middleware products that reduce time-to-market while offering design flexibility and “unique user experiences."

The digital media player supports audio and video playback and audio record, and can leverage the intelligence of iPods, PlaysForSure media players, and other connected devices. The QNX multimedia solution can identify CD, DVD, USB flash disk, or audio/video streams and automatically synchronize the content on that media source with a customizable, automotive-hardened database that allows for driver personalization and lets users generate playlists that extend across multiple media sources.

The solution allows content from one media source to be ripped to a car's hard drive while users listen to content from another source. Users can simultaneously play and record content from the same media and can pause playback while the recording feature continues. Multiple independent users are supported with multiple device types and playback and record paths. Front seat passengers can listen to music, for example, while rear-seat passengers watch a DVD. The solution also supports features such as time-shifting (pausing live radio), trick play (fast forward), and multiview content presentation (shared screen).

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