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QNX updates Aviage acoustic processing software

QNX has released a new version (1.3) of its Aviage Acoustic Processing Suite for automotive handsfree systems. The kit uses patented algorithms to extract the human voice from noisy car interiors and to eliminate echoes, thus improving the clarity and user experience of hands-free phone conversations.

The new release includes wideband support, dynamic equalization, receive electrical noise suppression, improved echo cancellation, and an enhanced remote configuration and testing tool. Wideband, currently being rolled out across Europe, provides greater clarity than narrowband technology.

The dynamic equalization features allows automakers to set one equalization curve optimized for low noise and another optimized for high noise. The suite’s processing engine will blend the equalization curve between the two settings dynamically as cabin noise rises and falls.

The receive electrical noise suppression feature identifies and removes the low-level electrical noise that can occur when the far-side speaker’s voice is played very loud to overcome high cabin noise.

The QNX Aviage Acoustic Processing Suite is a planned component of the QNX CAR initiative, which provides OEMs and tier one suppliers with a pre-integrated set of technologies for rapid prototyping and production.

The QNX Aviage Acoustic Processing Suite 1.3 is available now. The suite runs on a variety of 32-bit CPUs and DSPs, including ARM9/11/Cortex, SH-2/4+, Power Architecture, i.MX3x, x86, and TI C64x DSPs. The suite supports multiple operating systems, including the QNX Neutrino® RTOS, µITRON, Linux, and WinCE.

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