Auto Electronics

Renesas tries new design software on automotive MCU

Renesas Technology Corp. has achieved first-pass silicon success on a multimillion-gate, 0.13-micron car audio microcontroller developed using RTL-to-GDSII design system software from Magma Design Automation, Inc.

"This microcontroller design was the first design project we implemented using Magma's software," said Katsumi Iwata, senior manager of the MCU Product Marketing Department at Renesas’ MCU Business Unit.

Iwata said Renesas needed to move from a point-tool-based flow to an integrated design environment. Magma's software provided better quality of results than Renesas expected, and also reduced design turnaround time.

"We were able to develop a custom power-routing utility based on Magma technology that enabled us to dramatically reduce the turnaround time for building the power grid,” Iwata said, adding that Renesas was also able to increase performance and utilization while minimizing power and noise.

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