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Research firm eyes radar for blind spot monitoring

A new report on automotive blind spot monitoring systems from Strategy Analytics predicts growth to nearly four million units by 2012 as manufacturers strive to offer compelling, differentiated products. The two main technology types used for blind spot monitoring systems will be radar and vision-based systems, with radar-based solutions taking almost half of the total available market in 2010, the firm predicts.

The development of advanced sensing systems based on radar, optical and other technologies has opened up a whole new range of possible safety-oriented applications for passenger vehicles according to Ian Riches, who directs the firm’s Automotive Electronics Service (AES).

"Consumers want increased car safety and car manufacturers need new ways to differentiate their products. Furthermore, there is increasing legislative pressure regarding safety systems," he said. "Combined, these factors will help to drive the market for blind spot monitoring systems."

"Radar technologies will underpin the development of blind spot monitoring systems," added Asif Anwar, director of Strategy Analytics’ GaAs service. "Lower-cost approaches such as optical solutions will provide competition to radar-based systems. Looking further ahead, infrared systems are also being developed."

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