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Rev Up Fuel Efficiency Design Contest Winners

Earlier this year, Auto Electronics partnered with Infineon Technologies to conduct the Rev Up Fuel Efficiency design contest that invited readers to create and submit circuits that enable energy efficiency for automotive applications.

The design contest jumpstarted your creative and competitive instincts, and the plethora of entries received in the contest offered many excellent solutions.

We asked you to take this green challenge and come up with a leading-edge solution to help take automobiles on a new course, one which will be environmentally friendly and raise the fuel efficiency performance to new heights.

Judges from Auto Electronics and Infineon evaluated the entries on criteria that included benefits and usefulness to consumers, originality, technical merit, marketability, and use of Infineon products. The winners were announced and cash prizes awarded at Convergence 2008, and we share the top design with you here. Also, to see a report from the show and interviews with the readers, visit

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all of you who took the time to enter. Thanks to Infineon for its sponsorship and for its decision to embrace this important environmental issue is bound to have far-reaching implications for the automotive industry.
Mark David
Editorial Director

Rev Up Fuel Efficiency Contest Winning Entries

  1. Dynamic Cylinder Deactivation with Residual Heat Recovery
  2. Exhaust Gas Electrical Assist System for Hybrid Gas/Electric Automobiles
  3. The Smart Driving Manager

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