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Robotics firms hungry for growth

Robotics manufacturers suffering from a slump in demand from automotive OEMs are looking to food and beverage and life sciences markets for growth opportunities, according to a new report from Frost & Sullivan.

Research analyst Kashyap Chandrasekar said small and medium-sized enterprises and consumer markets hold huge potential for robotics in materials handling. “These traditionally conservative industries anticipate that robots will reduce labor costs and manage product line changes along with fluctuating volumes,” he said.

"The automotive sector has traditionally been the biggest user of flexible automation in manufacturing, and hence most robot manufacturers have a presence in this sector," Chandrasekar continued. "Intense competition and price pressures from OEMs and the slump in demand are making a niche automotive approach highly unfavorable. Manufacturers in consumer markets are opening up to the idea of investing in robots to reduce costs and maintain quality, thereby boosting sales of robotics in the packaging market.”

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