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A Security Blanket for Automotive Ethernet

A Security Blanket for Automotive Ethernet

Marvell’s secure eight-port, Gigabit Ethernet switch features four built-in 100Base-T1 ports.

Ethernet is becoming the backbone for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. It’s also going to be a critical for autonomous vehicles, with new Ethernet standards like 100Base-T1 targeting such robust, short-haul environments. It also works for other applications from robotics to embedded systems.

Marvell’s secure 8-port, Gigabit Ethernet switch has four 100Base-T1 ports built in, and supports time-sensitive networking (TSN). Audio video bridging (AVB) ingress policy and rate limiting are included with TSN. The system also has 802.1Qav/Qbv queue-shaping support for AVB and TSN.

The 88Q5050 incorporates a 250-MHz ARM Cortex-M7 coupled with deep-packet-inspection (DPI) hardware to manage data in real time (see figure). The Cortex-M7 features secure-boot support, providing a root of trust for the DPI management software. The quality-of-service (QoS) queue controller can handle up to eight levels per port.

The switch is AEC-Q100 qualified. Half of the eight ports are 100Base-T1 with built-in PHYs. The remaining four ports support T1, TX, xMII, GMII, and SGMII interfaces. There is a fifth 100Base-T1 PHY as well. The two SMI interfaces can be used to link to additional switches. These can provide 1-Gbit support.

The switch is compatible with IEEE 802.1AS time-synchronization protocols, such as the precision time protocol (PTP). PTP was originally defined by IEEE 1588. PTP and TSN combine to support time-synchronized automotive applications.

The switch comes in a 128-pin, 14- by 20-mm LQFP package.

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