Auto Electronics

Simultaneous Determination of Mechanical Load and Behavior

Together with National Instruments, Atlas Fahrzeugtechnik (AFT) GmbH is developing a modular validation system with which it is possible to simultaneously determine the mechanical load on vehicle components and behavior within electronic systems. The system is based on the latest FPGA technology — the CompactRIO product family from National Instruments — and is embedded in the new 4Measure product line.

The new generation of compact equipment has been designated 4Log and works over the temperature range of -40 °C to + 85 °C. With this equipment it is possible to realize reconfigurable data acquisition, control and regulation systems. In order to meet the extended demands of mobile automotive measurement technology, the module range is being extended by special components developed by AFT. There is, for example, wider buffering of the supply voltage for the measurement of extreme cold-start processes and certain vehicle-specific interface modules, e.g. a three-node CAN module.

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