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Single-Chip Can Repeater

AMI Semiconductor has started sampling its ISO 11898-2-compatible AMIS-42700 CAN transceiver IC. The transceiver provides the interface between two physical CAN lines, allowing the device to act as a low-cost and low-component count CAN repeater.

The dual high-speed transceiver provides a single-chip repeater solution for interfacing between up to two physical bus lines and the protocol controller in high-speed controller areas networks (CANH). The AMIS-42700 can be used for 12 V and 24 V systems.

It also addresses the needs of CANH buses for in-vehicle networking (IVN). Automotive applications for CANH include control of engine management units and body electronics such as power windows, air conditioning and vehicle lighting.

AMIS has used its advanced I2T mixed-signal semiconductor technology to integrate a high level of functionality into a single compact IC. The devices comprise two differential line transceivers and a logic block that incorporates a repeater function and feedback suppression. Protection is provided by a thermal shutdown circuit and electrostatic discharge protection up to +/-8 kV.

Housed in a compact ‘green’ SOIC 300 20-pin package the AMIS-42700 operates with low electromagnetic emission thanks to close matching of the output signals. This means a common-mode choke is not required. In addition, the wide common-mode voltage range of the receiver inputs allows the AMIS-42700 to offer low electromagnetic susceptibility.

Compared to existing discrete component solutions the AMIS-42700 offers important benefits that include lower power consumption and greater robustness and reliability. The smaller physical size of the integrated single-chip solution can also simplify its inclusion in an application.

The AMIS-42700 is ideal for providing a diagnostic access point to a CANH bus without the need for a separate microcontroller. This results in direct access for diagnostic tools at speeds of up to 1 Mbit/s. Using the repeater, the impedance of the CAN line remains constant regardless of whether interfaces are connected or disconnected. The AMIS-42700 can be used to provide a cost-effective way of extending the physical length of a CAN bus.

The AMIS-42700 is priced at $1.61 U.S. per unit in quantities of 5 k units. Contact AMI Semiconductor for a custom quote based on use and application.

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